SharpLight Technologies is a leading innovator of advanced, non-invasive systems for the skin care treatment industries. The company’s product lines are designed for a range of applications, from skin rejuvenation and hair reduction to the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions and acne.

DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) is a unique technology offering three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse. This proprietary technology maximizes the practitioner’s control of treatment parameters, thus providing a wide range of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin types, in most treatment cases, in all treatment stages.

DPC technology, which stands for Dynamic Pulse Control, offers a revolutionary approach to photodynamic light pulses by delivering three different configurations in one system. This advanced technology ensures maximum results throughout all stages of treatment for all skin types.

The acronym DPC represents the key features of this technology: dynamic, pulsating, and controlled. It allows for clear and controlled attainment of the desired effect using a high-power light flux, without causing damage to the tissue even with higher energy usage.

Dynamic Pulse Control is powered by the latest electronic pulse shaping system, specifically developed for SharpLight equipment. The selection of the DPC mode depends on factors such as the patient's skin type, hair color, and thickness.

This innovative technology incorporates three different pulse modifications: Smooth pulse, Long pulse, and High pulse. Each modification caters to individual patients, considering their skin phototype, hair type, and other relevant factors, enabling the creation of personalized treatment protocols.

Laser technology, initially introduced in the 1970s, brought about a significant technological breakthrough in dermatology. However, it had certain limitations. The technology, invented in the 1990s, still could not overcome all of these limitations. After a decade of research conducted in American laser clinics, SharpLight introduced its unique DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) technology.

With DPC, practitioners can work more gently, minimizing the risk of complications and burns, while effectively treating various pathologies. This technology allows for increased power if necessary, leading to remarkable clinical outcomes. DPC emits light energy automatically and precisely according to the treatment protocol. Each pulse comprises multiple sub-pulses, which can be long, high, or short, based on preset standards and specific power requirements. This technology also utilizes a series of dynamic impulses in three different modes: long, high, and smooth, providing additional options to address the patient's aesthetic concerns.

In contrast to traditional systems that deliver single or multiple flashes at powers exceeding the therapeutic range and safety threshold, DPC emits flashes within a well-defined therapeutic range. This significantly enhances efficiency and makes procedures much safer by reducing the risk of side effects like skin burns.


  • Stimulation of skin regeneration and reduction of visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of elasticity, activation of young genes in the skin, increase in the level of proteins responsible for skin health and decrease in the functioning of genes associated with aging.
  • Improvement of skin texture, elimination of oily sheen, enlarged pores, "insta-filter" effect.
  • Non-drug reduction of papules and pustules by 60%, evening out tone and reducing the risk of post-acne scars.
  • Instant elimination of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, spider veins, telangiectasia due to the patented VPDual nozzle: double filter.

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